Contrary to Belief 2nd String Quarterbacks are Important

Batch… cannot throw anymore.

If you’ve been watching the NFL season unfold lately you have undoubtedly noticed many evident truths as we are passing mid-season. Adrian Peterson is a beast, Andrew Luck is the truth, RG3 is nasty good, Peyton is Peyton again, Brady Smash and most evident of all, back-up quarterbacks are really damn important.

Let’s start with the Pittsburgh Steelers. With Ben Roethlisburger they can win any game at anytime and I say that as a Cincinnati Bengals fan. The Steelers are running into a major financial issue with their team having to pay huge sums of money to older players like Troy Polamalu, Heath Miller, Larry Foote, Casey Hampton and Brett Keisel. With Roethlisburger out and possibly out for several more weeks, the Steelers are in free fall. After8, count it 8 turnovers against the Browns, it looks worse than ever. Eventually the Steelers defense is going to get exhausted as turnover after turnover will wear on an aging defense. You give the Broncos, Patriots, Packers, Giants, Ravens or Falcons 8 turnovers and you are looking at a 59-10 blowout. Luckily against a terrible Browns offense the bleeding wasn’t nearly that bad.

Between Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch you had 1 rushing TD, 0 passing TDs, 400 passing yards and 4 INTs. Add on that all 4 active running backs on the Steelers roster had a lost fumble against the Browns and you have a grand total of 11 total turnovers between 2 games. While Roethlisburger is irreplaceable, you can at least have a viable and useful back up to use if Big Ben goes down like he has now.

The Steelers have very little wiggle room to work with in the meantime and even when Roethlisburger comes back it may be too late. Their running game is non-existent and defense is getting tired. This team without a all-star starting quarterback is nothing more than an average team bordering on the Arizona Cardinals catastrophe. Look at the Cardinals, great defense, lack of running game, solid receiving core and absolutely no quarterback to speak of.

Roethlisburger takes a lot of punishment back there and this year is no different considering he is out with a busted rib right now that could have punctured his aorta thus killing him. At 30 years old he has the physical body of a 40 year old from the beating he takes every year. Roethlisburger doesn’t have much longer as the Steelers starter and right now is the time to look for his viable successor. Brett Favre and Payton Manning were pushed out and both of them are better than Roethlisburger ever will be, but Roethlisburger cannot play forever and the way he takes hits, he only has a few more years until you need the next franchise quarterback.

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