Special Thanksgiving 2012 (Turducken) NFL Review… Ok Mostly Bashing the Jets

OH. MY. GOD. I will get the Jets toward the end… too much to say right now, but let us review all 3 of your games that were entertaining all in their own rights.

Here is your special Turkeyday NFL Review!



Man the Lions cannot catch a break ever… this franchise has been down longer than Heath Ledger in an apartment with a bottle of Nyquil. The Lions thought he was down and well… he was, but thanks to the enigmatic Jim Schwartz throwing his challenge flag, the play was no longer reviewable because since it was a touchdown it was to be reviewed anyway. Damn can you get anymore Detroit failure than this right here? I think not so easily.

Now we can say “Going full Romo”


The Cowboys again found a way to choke artist it up. After getting laid out 28-6 through most of the game the Cowboys led by Tony Romo surged back after their defense finally slowed RG3 and running back Alfred Morris. Yet it is difficult to come back from the professional Interceptionist himself Tony Romo. While they had a good comeback brewing you just knew that Romo had f–ked them. RG3 was running wild like the Macho Man and Romo was just standing there… ok laying there after getting destroyed for the 18th time that day because his offensive line is made up of police “Do Not Cross” tape and salami.

Let the hilarity ensue Jets style 

Love where Sanchez just shoves his face in the ground thinking, “F–k…”

Seriously how much worse can the f–king Jets get? Losing to your ultimate rival 49-19 is bad enough, losing in such an embarrassing fashion is just terrible. They couldn’t have played this game any worse than they did. Yielding 35 points in the 2nd quarter, where 2 of the TD’s came from this hilarious picture of Mark Sanchez getting hit by a dump truck, fumbling and then cursing his own name in the ground and on the following kickoff fumbling into the air and allowing the Patriots to literally jog into the end zone.

Tack on that Tom Brady had to do damn near nothing as Welker and Vareen both got TD passes, Vareen’s was especially hilarious as he outran the entire Jets defense for an 83-yard TD and the piling on was just beginning. Half time gave us a hilarious 35-3 score. Because those 3 points were going to keep it close… sometimes you have to go for it even if your offense is as useful as a microwave in an Amish household.

The Jets have found a new low and Tebow has done nothing to help the situation, Sanchez isn’t playing better, the offensive line is terrible, the defense is older and worse, they have no wide receivers, we can now finally admit Shonn Greene is awful and oh, fire Tony Sparano please.  We all await nothing to change and the Jets, their QB, coaches and GM to be fired and replaced and again another 5 years of trying to build something again.

J-E-T-S: Journey Ended This Season.

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