Lindsay Stone Fired for Facebook Post. This is Utterly Ridiculous.

Stupid? Yes. Caused harm? No.

Do you see this pic to the left? This pic got this woman Lindsay Stone fired. A Facebook group had 30,000 likes to fire her and another 3,000 signed a petition for her to be fired from her job with LIFE (Living Independent Forever) which was a non-profit organization that assisted adults with learning disabilities. This woman, who was exercising her freedom of speech (even though it was stupid) is being fired because she took a picture next to the tomb of the unknown soldier, which is a nationally important site. My disgust is that people willingly want her fired for doing something she has the right to do. Was it dumb and ignorant? Yes. Is it any more ignorant than say a representative running for office saying that there is a difference between “legitimate rape” and “illegitimate rape?” No.

So why does this woman get the ax from a job that helps society and people with real issues when we allow businessmen and politicians (sometimes one in the same) to say disparaging remarks like Chick-Fil-A’s CEO saying that essentially gays are an abomination? Can we stop bitching and moaning and worrying about someone flipping off a sign just to do something stupid? It hurt NO ONE.

Can all of the 30,000 people that liked the dumbass page that wanted her fired say they have NEVER had a not so positive pic of them posted on Facebook? My guess is one or more show them drinking or looking slutty or drinking underage if they are underage. Stop acting like you are the moral police who hath done no wrong. You ruined this girl’s life because she posted a pic of her doing something stupid? Take off your diaper you self righteous piece of s–t and stop acting like what you did made the world better.

Seriously what did you do to make ANYTHING better by this girl getting fired? She didn’t cause any harm, death or destruction, she merely took an ill-advised picture doing the opposite of what the sign said. Again, stupid, but just a picture. If you really think that by getting this girl fired you accomplished something you are a sad and disturbed individual. God forbid you slam Mitt Romney telling half the country they are worthless moochers of the government or slam President Obama for the NDAA which allows him to essentially abduct and murder any US citizen as he sees fit, no this girl, is the one causing so much pain.

I for one champion Lindsay Stone’s right to FREE SPEECH no matter what it is. Was it really dumb to do it at a soldier’s tomb that we all respect dearly? Yes, but we allow Westboro Baptist Church to continue picketing soldier funerals and do nothing about it, but this girl waves a middle finger and OMGEEEE shit got real!

Be mature, especially since the girl who literally referred to our President as a “nigger” still somehow has her job. You really want to censor the right to free speech then bitch about when someone does something against your right? Stop it. Just stop it because ignorance like yours deserves no ounce of respect in this country. You are nothing more than self absorbed and live in a perpetual high moral ground that doesn’t exist. Stop being selective in your free speech advocacy because eventually it will bite you in the ass and I hope to be the one who does it. For Lindsay Stone and the rest of America that understands the real right to free speech, all 30,000 of you who liked a Facebook post to fire her and all 3,000 signers of the petition, go fuck yourself.

25 comments on “Lindsay Stone Fired for Facebook Post. This is Utterly Ridiculous.

  1. What a great article. I completely agree with you. Sure the picture is incredibly tasteless and disrespectful, but i don’t think her life should be ruined over it.

    • Dear Sandra and Sean , Being some one who served this country of ours and it is obvious to me you haven’t I did not fight to have some morons like yourself disrespect people who did and paid the price to keep you free. You wonder about why this country is failing , look in the mirror. Hope you don’t have children. Veteran and proud of it.

      • I respect you are a veteran, but my problem is you are being selective with you freedom of speech sir. Are you ok with the freedom that the KKK, Black Panthers, Westboro Church, anti-gay activists, anti-abortionists who openly want people to murder doctors and Satanists enjoy? Are their freedoms protected? If you agree they are then you are being a hypocrite, if you disagree then you are against the overall freedom of speech that you fought for. You have to deal with those that feel America is awful along with those that would willingly kiss your boots. Because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t her right to do this. I dislike myself, but to fire the girl for something this dumb non of us will remember in 2 weeks? Ignorant.

      • amen!!! all the libs made a big deal over the chik fil a issue ..i’m sure she was one of the many to protest..goes both ways and she was on the clock!!

      • Thank you for your service, David! I agree with you and I think she deserved to be fired! She had every right to her expression of free speech, and so did the thousands who signed the petition! Now she will experience the consequences of her choice in speech. It was stupid to pose for the photo and stupid to post in on her Facebook timeline.

      • Dear David,
        “Serving” this country, as you put it, by being a interventionist murderer, does not make you any better than any othe American citizen, as you clearly believe it does. You advocate free speech and then tell others here to shut up? You sir, are a FOOL and your thought process is FUBAR.To bad you didn’t come home in a box you jerk-**f

      • Let me correct your false statement: “Veteran and proud of it”, as it should read:
        “Mindless murderer and proud of it”. You think being in the military is difficult? You idiot. Critical thinking and doing the RIGHT THING is much more difficult than pulling a trigger. You Fool

  2. I’m glad she was fired. She did this ON COMPANY TIME…she was on a company paid trip. Bad enough she did it, but then she posted the pics too. Being that the company she works for is a non-profit company that helps adults with disabilities — some of whom are Veterans themselves, this was a potential PR nightmare for a non-profit that relies on donations to survive. This was a justified dismissal. If she wants to flip off dead people, she should be exercising that right on her OWN time.

    • Well what if she was smoking weed on company time? Had sex on company time? Because you are on a business trip does not mean it is only company time. If you are in the middle of work and do this than yes, I can understand discipline, but if she is technically off the clock she can do whatever she wants. A business trip does not mean you are “on the job” 24/7, what it means is they sent you off to do work for X amount of time.

      • If you publicly embarrass your employer… they will fire you… duh. She still has freedom of speech, but that freedom does not guarantee you that there will not be consequences. Those people asking that she be fired were just exercising their rights to free speech and maybe their actions will help her learn how to not be a disrespectful piece of ___.

      • If that held up throughout all business I would agree, but it does not. She came out and apologized immediately as well, yet she still deserves to be fired? Sorry, but logically speaking it is ass backwards to use the argument you did when it is not fairly used throughout.

  3. bad santhony, bad. i agree with you though. people are humorless, it is a sacred place, which I did not know until i was there, i was gobsmacked by how incredibly sacred that place is, but i have said some really inappopriate things when it comes to death, humor is a way to deal with things that are so profound they leave us uncomfortable. So now we are all uncomfortable with Lindsay Stone, but I like very much that you are bravely saying your truth. Wish the media was capable of the same.

    • I agree wholeheartedly it is tasteless and disrespectful, but why can you not suspend her? Why do people make a group in order to fire this girl? She is a single person who caused literally no pain to anyone. Not to be a douche, but it is the tomb of the UNKNOWN soldier right? So I don’t think his family will get upset… just sayin’

      • Man, you are SO dumb I don’t even need to post this because your own words prove the unbelievable level of your idiocy.

  4. Her employer could have chose to keep her on, but they didnt. How is it the fault of the facebook people that she got fired? They didnt want her arrested and thrown in jail….I mean businesses go against what the public wants all the time. In the end, it doesnt matter if she apologized or not. She should not have done it in the first place. If you want someone to be mad at, be mad at the employer for giving in to public pressure and firing her…Oh and the examples you make about the KKK, and Westboro, If they were all individuals that worked for a company and could be singled out, they may be fired as well…Im quite sure that no company in their right mind wants someone from the KKK working for them. The stupid congressmen can be voted out which is the same as being fired as well. Also, as I understand it, when the pic was taken she was actually working, because the staff and residents that were at the conference were on a trip to Arlington, so she was not on her own time. “She is a single person who caused literally no pain to anyone. Not to be a douche, but it is the tomb of the UNKNOWN soldier right? So I don’t think his family will get upset… just sayin’” I can tell you sir that having members of my family that have died in more than 1 war for this country, It does upset me that this young woman, whether jokingly or not, made the choice to disrespect the memory of those who have fought and died for this country.

  5. i’m glad the disrespectful bitch is fired…if she was in brasil, she’d be in jail for flipping off ANYONE… she should kiss every single gravestone of the fallen that fought for her right of free speech!! I’d like to see how she would react if someone displayed such distaste at a grave site her family was buried! If you’re too obtuse to see that, then you’re just as bad as her ! ONCE AGAIN… she was on company time … facebook had nothing to do with her termination. If she was a decent employee, then her employer would have backed her up! THEY DIDN’T, SO WHAT DOES THAT SAY?? yea..she’s a douche! I say use her as a guinea pig, teach this generation a hard core lesson in RESPECT..that’s what’s wrong with society..THE LACK OF RESPECT!!

  6. I get the feeling you don’t like people who joined the military–at any time–very much. Oh poor’s not like she got arrested! She did this on a company trip–this company had the right to discipline her–she is no victim here, and if she is remembered at all, it will be as the stupid 30 year old acting like a teenager ass that she has proven to be. I wish her no harm, but certainly hope bad luck follows her.

  7. “My disgust is that people willingly want her fired for doing something she has the right to do.”

    Having the right to do something does make doing it morally acceptable, nor ought it shield one from the social consequences of doing that thing. All that “right” implies is that one cannot be arrested and prosecuted by the government for doing that thing.

    By way of analogy, if a bartender jumps up on the bar and starts dancing sexually explicit dances, that may not be illegal — but the restaurant may say “That’s not the image we want for our restaurant,” and fire the bartender. No rights have been violated in this instance; the bartender was not arrested for the dancing, but the restaurant was within its rights to protect its image.

    Ms. Stone went far out of her way to be noticed, and made her disrespect as public as she possibly could. If her employer does not want to be associated with that sort of deliberate display of contempt, they are well within their rights to fire her — just as they would be if she was publicly arrested for child molestation.

  8. Isn’t it funny…. Those 33,000 were doing exactly what you’re defending her of doing, exercising freedom of speech. She made a statement, and 33,000 responded. If you want to go after some one, or some thing, then go after the company that fired her.
    If she was in fact “on company time” and her actions are inconsistent with company policy or standards, then they’re expressing their rights as well.
    You want freedom of speech, that’s fine. Just remember, it’s not free.

  9. She F’d up BAD. And now she’s paying for her own stupidity and disrespect. All of her explanations and backpeddleing are B.S. That’s life. Get over it people. She got what she deserved.

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