Seriously? A "War on Thanksgiving" Now? Are You People Bored?

So every year in America I am subjected to the annual, “evil liberals (or Muslims or something) want to destroy America, Christmas and Jesus!” despite that by technical accord Jesus was not born on December 25th as is oh so lovingly remembered, and these same people tell their children that a fat bastard in a red coat comes down the chimney and gives you free presents… and you wonder why American children are selfish spoiled brats.

Now apparently, so few people give a s–t about the fake, “War on Christmas” that now we have to talk about a new war… one on Thanksgiving.


Hot chick, terrible idea.

So where did this all originate? Well with Victoria Secret of coarse! Victoria’s Secret decided to do a Thanksgiving theme fashion show, because they thought well this isn’t racist or insensitive. It offended several Native American groups who requested (more demanded) that Victoria’s Secret drop their Native American outfit which is pictured to the left. Now with people like the nypost’s Andrea Peyser having a bitch fit about the, “politically correct war” that is being waged against America, I am annoyed. Like so many other people who are ignorant to what actually happened, Andrea Peyser doesn’t understand any culture beyond the atypical rag mag American culture. For example, does she know that this particular headdress that is being worn by our lovely model is the headdress of a Native American Chieftain? That no other member of the tribe was to wear such a headdress because it was reserved for the Chief? It may mean nothing to an ignorant white writer, but it means a lot spiritually to people of a tribe who still view this as sacred.

My problem is that American’s (media mostly) are so damned ignorant to the reality of the past and numb to what upsets people that are different that it is viewed at as forcing, “political correctness.” Instead of using the dirty word set, “politically correct” why don’t we try “respect” for once. Such as,

“It is RESPECTFUL to honor Native American’s by not wiping our asses with their culture.”

Is it REALLY that big an issue to not show absolute disrespect via this? I mean haven’t they dealt with the Washington Redskins and Florida State Seminoles enough as it is? Those teams are terrible too, which in my opinion makes it worse.

It seems to be that all people can do is feel bad for themselves. Wahhhh, everyone tells me that on Thanksgiving, the settlers basically murdered Native American’s and stole their land! Well… yeah basically, that did happen.

Eventually we as a country need to accept what people did back then, it is not a representation of us just as slavery is not a representation of us (my generation at least). I cannot apologize for my ancestors (which didn’t even come here till the late 1700’s) for what they may or may not have done. I don’t know nor do I honestly care, but to claim such ignorance is both disturbing and pitiful.

This may just be a runway show with tall beautiful women wearing scantly clad clothes and lingerie to Andrea Peyser, but to Native American’s it is a slap in the face of their already decimated culture. For once, can we just show some respect and caring toward a people we raped, pillaged, murdered and displaced?

One comment on “Seriously? A "War on Thanksgiving" Now? Are You People Bored?

  1. Thank you for writting this and helping to create some awareness. We (natives) have a constant battle with these type of issues and people saying “get over it”. Hopefully someday soon we can be treated fairly and given the RESPECT we deserve.

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