Video Game Attack Reviews: Risen 2

This review brought to you by Play N Trade Dublin located on 7593 Sawmill Road, Columbus, Ohio. Go to their Facebook Page and like it! Call (614) 889-6991 for game sales, tournament dates and more details.

Many games take the aspect of Fable or Elder Scrolls and try to dublicate the open world, free choice style that has made both of those franchises a gold standard (minus Fable 3 and Fable Kinect). Many have tried and many have failed, but not all games are utter failures. Many give us something to enjoy or something to enhance future games… think of the game Killswitch, a 3rd person shooter that was for all intensive purposes, God awful. Without it though we wouldn’t have been given Gears of War because Killswitch gave us the cover system with blind fire… we all love blind fire. That brings us to Risen 2. A game that is following up the previous title in story, but with a new character. In this open world game you are the Hero who must defeat the Titans and save the world… or something. Here is your review of Risen 2.


You can find treasure island… yes there are alligators and yes a young Michael Jackson in tights.

This is contradictory, because it should be “lack of” story. While they have a basic concept (Titans trying to destroy the world/enslave humanity) it is given very little to the wake of how you, the Hero, are connected and it does itself no justice by not giving us a glimpse of these Titans till it’s crunch time. You somehow, as a drunken one-eyed half-ass soldier, are going to finally get yourself together and do something because some hot pirate chick (named Patty? Really? Patty the Pirate?) says she wants to find her father’s gold and oh, I guess we can save the world too. The word substance was never used in this game and instead was probably smoked during the writing of this story which I truly think was actually put together with a dart board and a round of charades. I will give them that the pirate theme was pretty nice and that I did enjoy many of the characters I met, they were brash, suggestive and cursed like… well pirates. Unfortunately for the 1 good thing there is 300 different issues within the story and the logic put into it.

Grade: C


I have had few experiences with games where the button system was such an utter disaster that I couldn’t even bring myself to be angry and instead laughed every time I died. The layout is meh and fighting is an absolute joke. Why does your character jump like Super Mario and if standing in place has the up’s of Shawn Bradley? I jumped off of a rock… a jump that in real life you could make easily… and I would guarantee your survival… I jumped again, off this rock… and not only did I die, but I received a Mortal Kombat styled backbreaker too. Hooray rag doll physics engines!

Basically 70% of your fights look like this… ugh

The amount of agony you go through trying to get really anything done in this game is terrifying. It says during the load screens to ‘save often’ and its more because the layout of the system is so detrimental to the player that you cannot help but die several times. It doesn’t even have the fun factor of Dead Souls or Demon Souls where the difficulty of the game is the enjoyable part and it guarantees not just death… but lots of it. In Risen 2 they learned nothing from Risen. The controller is clunky, lagging and painful. I do not feel comfortable ever during the game. Needs upgraded badly.

Grade: D-


They did a fantastic job here. The pirate theme and the music score well. The sound of ships hitting waves and storms raging was really awesome. I did however, get annoyed with the lack of people and town sounds sch as, kids crying, mothers yelling, wood being chopped, shop keeps selling and animal noises. The towns seem nearly dead… and while I get it is a story about Titans blah, blah, blah I want some substance for a town. It gives and it takes in this department, but because the rest of the game is so lackluster we can give this a win in sound effects.

Grade: C+


Here is an example of the good graphics of the game. Love the ships look and the cannons.

This was a so-so game graphically speaking. Where it excelled in facial looks and clothing, it missed in environment and NPC looks. What I mean with that is that your character and your supporting characters (important ones) look like they were done with more polishment where as regular NPCs (solders/workers) seem to have been done and then never given a second coat of paint. The ships are built well and the towns are hit and miss too. The towns have good detail in the outside and look pretty nice, but the insides are all cookie cutter style and very bland. They seemed to work more on what they deemed important and left what they deemed unimportant to what they had already.

Grade: C-


It is a game that could have been fun… but it wasn’t. I never felt like I was playing a game and enjoying myself instead I felt like I was a bank teller and a 75 year old woman just dropped a 6 ton bag of pennies on my desk and proceeded to count them. It is actually painful to play this game. My appendix rupturing was a bit easier to deal with. The world frustrated should be associated directly with this game. Where they made headway with the pirate theme, decent sound effects and some pretty ok graphics they fell back with everything else being a disaster.

From Risen to Risen 2 they didn’t change or fix anything. Nothing was upgraded and nothing felt different. It seemed like the same old game with the same horrifying gameplay and button layout. It saddens me just like Two Worlds and Two Words 2 did. Speaking of, how the hell can you use the word two and the number 2 in the same game?… confounding. Risen 2 is a game that few will play, even less will enjoy and will probably make a great coaster or drinking game for when you die… cause you will die often and you will get pissed about it… unless you’ve been drinking then it is bloody hilarious.

Overall Grade: D+

My Gamertag: shawneffect

This review brought to you by Play N Trade Dublin located on 7593 Sawmill Road, Columbus, Ohio. Go to their Facebook Page and like it! Call (614) 889-6991 for game sales, tournament dates and more details.

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