Video Game Attack Reviews: Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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Well it is finally here! Call of Duty Black Ops 2 did that thing that CoD games have done since CoD: Modern Warfare 2 where they basically crash the entire damn internet cause 800,000 players want to log on and play now. Black Ops 2 has been highly anticipated for both the multiplayer and the zombies of coarse, but a legitimate question is how is the campaign? Everyone (including myself) has criticized Activision for making a game that literally focused solely on online multiplayer, don’t get me wrong I love online, but I do want to see effort on the storyline. With rival Halo 4 out and having a more concrete storyline to work with and solid online as well, Black Ops 2 needed a bit more bang and it delivered, while leaving you more interested.


This is by far, the freshest any Call of Duty game has ever looked. The character expressions and emotions all feel alive and you can see feeling in their eyes and movement. AI’s react realistically when shot (which had been a slight issue) and the weapons look sleek. The weapon mods exist (OMG really?!) on your gun when you put them on there. Landscapes look real, from Afghanistan to downtown Los Angeles, they really did amp up the look. They really did work on upgrading the graphics and thank God, cause we wanted a more realistic game.

Grade: A-


I’ve never enjoyed the sound of gunfire quite like I did with Call of Duty Black Ops 2. From the sound of your boots while sprinting to the ‘click’ when you reload, the sound effects department apparently got a bit more money to work with this time around. The enhancements are obvious and help the game. I loved hearing the enemy yelling and coordinating together (which they do) in order to take out my team and I.

Grade: B+

Weapons & Combat

This is The Claw. Artillery Hounds I call them.

The future weapons are amazing. A sniper that can shoot through cover, an attachment that allows you to see several meters in front of you, a grenade launcher that is also a shotgun… yeah that one did it for me. You can choose to make many weapons switch between semi-auto and single fire which allows you to choose what kind of offense or defense you want to promote. My personal favorite weapon is the wrist launched grenade… it is so fun to play with and has a great arc that allows you fire just behind cover to take out a group or even a Claw or vehicle. Speaking of the Claw, it is a mech that looks like the giant dog from The Sand Lot, except this dog has a giant chain-gun and a grenade launcher… obviously a much better dog. The small drones you can use are very helpful and can give you an advantage in tight situations.

Combat is still solid, but sometimes it can become tedious. I’ve always had an issue with the RPG and its lack of explosion based impact, but for several games now it has not been fixed. Grenades that don’t have the indicator can kill you and it can become absolutely annnnnnoying. The good thing though, is that it still feels like a real firefight. The enemy will willingly try to flank you and will utilize any weapons or advantages they may come across.

Grade: B


Call of Duty ever since it came to the next-gen systems (X360, PS3) has been barbequed for having a weak and roughly thrown together storyline… which is all true. They never created characters we cared about really and it was more about being just a soldier in a bigger conflict just the same way that the original Call of Duty was built within the campaign of World War 2.

That changed with Call of Duty Black Ops where the introduced Alex Mason, Jason Hudson and Frank Woods. All 3 characters had their personalities, Mason calm and collected mostly, Hudson a family man who just wants to get everything done and Woods… who I am pretty sure is clinically insane. Fast-forward to Black Ops 2 and we have Alex Mason’s son, David, to continue the storyline.

Here you can see the movement meter I love

In Black Ops 2, it is the year 2025. Raul Menendez is a world renowned terrorist while America and China are in a new age Cold War. The story jumps between the past with Alex Mason and Frank Woods and their run ins with Menendez through Woods flashbacks, and then follows David Mason and the Cold War along with Menendez in the future of 2025. The story stays strong and interesting showing how Menendez loses it as well as how Woods loses it. It is a story that while obviously pro-American, gives the side of what we deem “terrorists” who are no different, only have a different cause. The game enhances the single player (or co-op) experience with both missions and strike force missions which effect the storylines development. There is something that you have been waiting for, a war game where decisions actually have repercussions. Your decisions as well as who dies or lives change the story, make different outcomes happen and offer new avenues.

With that being said, it can be tedious jumping from the past to the future. You understand the logic of it and it keeps the story going, but it gets annoying. The future weapons and look is amazing and you want more of that instead of going back to 1986 to see stuff that already occurred. Beyond that though, the story is quite strong and you do get immersed into the drama of it all. The campaign takes roughly 7-10 hours to beat depending on how many strike force missions you do and how much Intel you try to find.

Grade: B


Class editing is a great addition.

Ah here is what you wanted to know. How is the game online? The online is so-so. If you are a CoD addict you will feel no difference, but for casual gamers welcome to hell. The online can be twitchy and man it feels like the game works against you at times. I did have fun though, create a class and setting your load outs was definitely a plus. It is still a run and gun game and you will feel like half of your deaths are bulls–t. If you liked Black Ops online you will probably enjoy Black Ops 2.

The maps are fun and give a fully new atmosphere to play in, a lot of good variation. Also, if you play on a level where a train depot is… don’t stand on the tracks… there is a train coming and it destroyed me. The online right now though has some issues with grenade timing, shooting issues and spawn points screwing you immensely. I was spawned right in the middle of the entire enemy team… needless to say I was killed faster than Amy Winehouse around a syringe. More than likely we can expect a patch soon to fix these issues.

Grade: B


Hopefully no one wants to listen to the Cranberries

Yes, this gets a whole damn section in the review. It is that fantastic. What they had from Black Ops, is even better now. Think Left 4 Dead but with the CIA and a magic box of weapons. The zombies come in mass throughout the waves and the levels offer you more vantage points to work together to end the zombie menace. Adding in survival mode where you fight both zombies and other players and it makes you feel like you are in your own version of The Walking Dead.

There are several levels to play in different places and more are going to be on the way. This game style adds more playtime to an already huge game. Zombies gives you a break from all of the human on human warfare and let’s you take out some undead. It is fun and relaxing and really gives you more to do with many more levels here already and more on the way.

Grade: A

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 delivers. It made its storyline better, kept character development from the previous title all while giving you war and catastrophe on a global scale. From flying jets and driving trucks to sniping dudes through walls Black Ops 2 gives everyone a little sumthin’ sumthin’.

Between the guns and the online your addiction will rival Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s relationship (how many dead celebs can I fit in here?) pre-death. Revising “Create-a-Class” and introducing “Killstreaks” amps up the online play even more. Now it is time to seriously beware of Sandy Ravage.

Zombies is enhanced and more was put into it. It is a literal facet of the game now instead of just an addition. Zombies gets you hooked and you can’t stop playing it. I look forward to more maps and to anything else they put into what their Zombies part of the game is.

Between all the upgrades and some minor issues that need fixed, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 does a great job making itself better than the predecessor. Future weapons are beautiful and fun to play with, riding a horse in Afghanistan against a tank is fun yet hilarious at the same time… cause Russia literally lost to a bunch of horse back AK-47 wielding guys who took out their giant Tiger Tanks with RPG’s and crude hand grenades… ok and American support. The point is the game keeps you hooked in all 3 venues and you cannot go wrong with any of them. Hell, the storyline is worth playing twice! Activision did a solid job on their franchise and I look forward to the next edition whenever they decide to roll out with it, till then, let’s kill some Zombies shall we?

Overall Grade: B

My Gamertag: shawneffect

This review brought to you by Play N Trade Dublin located on 7593 Sawmill Road, Columbus, Ohio. They will be having a Call of Duty Black Ops II Tournament on Saturday. November 17th at 6pm. Where the winner can bring home $100 cash! Go to their Facebook Page and like it! Join in the CoD tournament today! Call (614) 889-6991 for more details.

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