Election Fear-Mongering 2012: Finally Almost Over

The American political custerf–k is finally… almost over. All we have heard is ads, ads ,ads ,ads and more ads. Why Obama hates America and Jesus and white people, why Romney will destroy small business, unions and Paul Ryan rapes Medicare and Social Security. We all have had to deal with these stupid (and generally false) ad campaigns.

There is no “War on Religion” it’s a war on Civil Rights

The GOP has taken the religious aspect hammer to the proverbial nail, and using their atypical scare tactics that honestly, educated people laugh at. They make you think that Obama doesn’t just want abortions and lots of them, but he wants to perform them all during a second term in office. I love how during a tough time in America with economic turmoil, getting out of war as best we can and attempting to get over a recent hurricane (yes, global warming is real) the real issue is contraception and restricting the rights of a woman to do with her body as she pleases. This is the same political group that bitches and complains about big government intervention and how it should be regulated to the states to decide, yet they want to put into law that abortion is illegal and that sex is the worst thing ever in the history of man.

Both parties truly epically suck beyond reason and we all should believe this for good measure.

Neo-Liberal Human/Raccon hybrid Rham Emanuel

The Democrats want to governmentialize everything including our school system which is an idea that will not ever work and will only hold down many of the youth, particularly inter-city youth. The war between privatized enterprise and governmental enterprise is tiring and annoying. Paul Ryan, a government representative (employee) says he was inspired to be part of government by devout atheist and anti-governmentalist Ayn Rand. Ryan’s economic plan just for reminder, was so terrible and god-awful that it wasn’t even looked at logically by Congress as a whole. On the other side, Rham Emanuel mayor of Chicago and human/raccoon hybrid, alienated the teacher’s union by attempting to do the exact same thing that Gov/ Walker did in Wisconsin by decimating the teacher’s union. The teacher’s weren’t fighting to get paid a bunch more, but wanted a better situation for school children to learn. Things like up to date books, desks, computers, education centers and libraries. You know… things that help you learn!

Giedi Prime is the industrial planet of House Harkonnan in Dune. AKA where we are headed at this rate.

Then flipping the coin to the GOP, they want free enterprise to determine EVERYTHING. The almighty dollar determines how worthwhile you  are in their system and that is fine and dandy, except the part where based on this logic the average American factory/auto worker would get paid between $1.00 and $3.00 and hour because that is what the Chinese equivalent is. The problem with this view is that it basically turns us into what the Harkonnan planet Giedi Prime from the book series Dune looked like. A giant planet of mega-corporations money dedicated to profits, be damned healthcare, welfare and happiness. Continue on with the GOP still saying that unnatural climate change due to human action is fake. They base this hilariously on the ice age that happened MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO, yet still preach that the Bible is beyond correct. You cannot have your cake and eat it too…

This truly was an important topic on FOXNews one day…

The whole point is that you can have an “expert” say whatever you want them to say using big words and their actual intelligence if you pay them enough. Any person who doesn’t believe that we are causing some sort of environmental damage is either close-minded and stupid or on a payroll for someone who needs climate science to not exist for their financial gain. The fact that the polar ice caps are melting (a fact, not disputable) at a rate that is faster than expected by nearly 40 years, shows massive issues. Instead of caring about this and saving our beautiful earth, we lick our chops at new oil and mineral openings. My point is that we accept that the Ozone layer is real and exists and that it prevents the most harmful rays from the Sun getting to our planet, so then why can we not believe that a s–tload of smog from factories, cars and the such causes problems? The problem is that private enterprise, namely the energy industry is so obsessed with increasing their profits (because $9 BILLION isn’t enough) that the earth be damned! There is money to be made!

Every time you listen to a talking head, whether it is on the right or left or even the middle, all of them have a bias. Even I have a bias obviously.

On the left, the right wing wants to destroy everything. They want to privatize the world for profit, restrict women’s rights to do with their body what they want and restrict religious freedom… and sadly they are pretty much right.

On the right, the left wing wants to destroy everything. They want government to run and own everything, allow absolute free choice including drug freedom and restrict religious freedom… and sadly they are pretty much right.

Sorry, unrelated, but hilarious.

You see, the funny part is that both sides of this coin, can never accomplish what they would really like to do. While the average citizen is relatively powerless, as a group we decide who is in power. While money runs our country (and election), you need a base of people who believe. The religion card is played heavily by the right (namely Glenn Beck) and it creates a huge following of fear, but fear can only do so much. How many times can you tell people, “this will destroy our country” and “the Democrats having power means they will take away our Christian faith and help the terrorists” before you start crying wolf? The real fact of it is that both sides suck. Both sides have basically the same views economically and politically and are friends behind closed doors. They vary on domestic views because it is based on their voter base. Just ask Romney supporters what his view is, they will say he is pro-life period no matter what and he loves Jesus. Then show them the 8 videos of Romney saying exactly the opposite in public debates and rally’s about being pro-choice. Obama is no better, he also says one thing (hope and change) and does another (basically nothing). He signs into law the NDAA which allows the government to basically detain/kill anyone for any reason at all American citizen or not, which is against international law, but bump that, we are AMURICAAAA!

There is no place in the world for people who don’t answer to the almighty dollar. You’re either with them or against them and if you happen to be against them, good luck. So when you vote just remember, we are the only society who votes for a Monarch ever. Just because there are two different parties that run against each other, doesn’t mean they are fundamentally different. We do not live in a Democratic Republic, we live in Capitalism.

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