The Debate Episode 4: Incorrect Geography vs Horses and Bayonets

Here is the final debate of the major candidates of the election. Looking back at the first 2 Presidential debates we saw Romney win round 1, then Obama win round 2…coming into round 3 was going to be interesting because it was mostly based around foreign policy. Based on that you would think that Romney would have a slight advantage with Obama having a rough outing when it has come to foreign…everything really. He had a very easy argument to work with…could he drive it home? When they touched onto domestic issues could Romney stay true to his message? Despite what you may think this was more of seeing Romney than Obama. Romney needs to prove that his views are consistent and explain them…using these little things called details. Did he do it? Let us double check.

We will start in the foreign policy department which kicked off our debate as a whole.

Foreign Policy:

When asked about the conflict within the Middle-East, Romney mostly danced around and talked about things we already know…he stayed relatively positive even giving President Obama credit on taking out Bin Laden and taking a fight to al-Qaeda. He even brought up one of the things I liked actually in saying we cannot kill our way out of this mess…but the question I asked here is why is this OUR mess? My biggest issue with the big money politics of today is that war is business…and damn business has been good! Not every conflict in the world has to have American hands in it…but it seemingly does. We have bombed everywhere except maybe the southern nation of penguins for the love of God.

The biggest problem I had with Romney in respect to the foreign segment was this little quib:

“But my strategy is broader than that…[it] is a pathway to get the Muslim world to be able to reject extremism on its own.”

My question here is how can we expect a group…a religious group to submit to that kind of thought process when we can’t even get our own major religious zealots to fall in line with that idea? Remember the guy who said he was going to burn a bunch of Korans? Christians defended his right to do so because of the world we live in…but you try to have a Mosque (a Muslim church) built in New York that happened to be near the former World Trade Center and these people are ready to string up Muslims in the name of God himself. I agree with Romney that religious tolerance is key, but we cannot expect people to listen to us if we cannot lead by example ourselves.

The funny thing is that Romney talked about helping develop these countries…with better education, female equality and helping fix their civil rights…you know…things we still need done here, but over there. I love that development of other countries is a larger priority than development of our own society. Then I think about it and remember…there isn’t money to be made in fixing a first world country…but a third world country…plenty of money to be made.

Obama added nothing of intrigue…sticking to his guns on Libya (which Romney barely touched) and sticking to we want to end the terrorists and blah blah blah blah. Foreign policy was honestly not very interesting to listen to…Romney knew no one gave a s–t with a rough economy, healthcare issues and high unemployment. Obama basically just status quo’d this part and moved on. It was a boring first round of the debate honestly…not a fun part for the drinking game.

As you can see…there are 3 differently named bodies of water

The “apology tour” thing is long over in my eyes…it just hasn’t hung…to be blunt we don’t really give a f–k as a populace. Romney has literally no foreign relations to run on and only has Obama’s record to run on…which in technical views is running against. So this is why Obama is favored over Romney in the foreign affairs department 50% to 38%.

Romney apparently forgot completely that Iran is like…right near water. Saying:

“Syria is Iran’s only ally in the Arab world. It’s their route to the sea.”

This is LOLOLtastic. The Persian Gulf is at the southern tip of Iran and Iran also does not even boarder Syria. So this entire statement…is hilariously mismanaged and another form of fear-mongering.

Domestic Issues

Obama speaking of ending the war as fixing our deficit problem is hilarious when you look at the reality. Reality dictates that all it does is stop our bleeding…it doesn’t fix anything. When you stop the line of credit being used to finance a never-ending war all you do is stop the increase in debt…you don’t add anything surplus wise to the pot. So to say that it will allow us to increase domestic spending is laughable.

The whole auto bailout somehow made its way into this debate…and Romney swung his “I wouldn’t have helped them…but I would have helped them…but they would have had to do it themselves…but I guarantee they would have been helped” to which I still say…WHAT THE F–K DOES THAT MEAN? The reality of Romney’s idea of a managed bankruptcy doesn’t work. First off his idea of a privately financed recovery was not possible at the time. The economy was in full collapse, Wall Street had no money to finance a Smoothie King let alone 3 major auto makers, and finally the auto makers were considered bad credit and high risk…not something an investor likes too much. Their assets, employees, pensions and the such would have to be liquidated to cover their debt. No choice without a governmental bailout (which I still vehemently disagree with).


This was my favorite bit of poo slinging cause it was like watching 2 people who commit the same crime blame each other for it.

Romney invested in China knowingly despite his claiming that it was a blind account. He also helped move jobs and work into China via Bain Capital and their investing structure with purchasing companies. China has been a longtime friend of Romney when it comes to money exchanging so I am sorry Mr. Romney…but you won’t do much to change anything. Not because he can’t, but because he won’t close things with America’s favorite trade partner.

Obama has borrowed an absolute s–tload of money from China…but so have the following Presidents:

  • Ronald Regan
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Bill Clinton
  • George W. Bush

Yes in fact we have had a negative overall trade ratio with China all the way back to 1985. It is not just an Obama thing. Just like the “Obamaphone” ordeal that lasted 3 days before the GOP punocracy realized it wasn’t sticking, this whole China thing is very easy to point out as a joke. While our debt with China has increased dramatically over the past 3 years, it isn’t because of Obama, it is because of the trade policies that have been in place and kept in place dating back to Regan and even to Jimmy “useless windbag” Carter.

The Navy and “horses and bayonets” comment

Romney’s claim that we have the smallest navy since pre-WW1 will scare the most ignorant and stupid of the FOX News conglomerate. We still have the largest active Navy in the known world. The military tactics have changed. Long gone are the days of army based combat and naval combat. Quick hits and guerrilla warfare as well as missile and long distance warfare are the staples now. Drone strikes are commonplace and are used on a regular basis…have been for some 20 years now.

When Obama replied, “We also have fewer horses and bayonets” he was right…well mostly. As my military friend pointed out to me, the military still issues bayonets…horses not so much though.

China’s carrier named Liaoning

It still came back to the China argument…oohhhhh no! They have a possible aircraft carrier! Glenn Beck had a damn near heart attack talking about it, but what are the facts? Well it is a refitted ship bought from Ukraine…that has absolutely no real firepower to back it and will really only be used for training while China works to build it’s first aircraft carrier due out after 2015.

The comment became a huge hit and the Romney camp even purchased the #horsesandbayonets twitter hashtag to boot. It was a pretty funny comeback to Romney and (despite bayonets still in use) made sense in context. China has a single half-ass carrier while we have 11 total carrier’s in our arsenal today. That seems like very few, but consider that it takes between $4.5 and $9 Billion to create 1 of these behemoths. Add on that the planes cost a great deal, technology adds in as well. That is a lot of money when you put it all together and that means you’re talking about over $100 Billion in carriers alone within the US Navy.

The debate as a whole was relatively boring. It wasn’t very fiery, was full of the same old rhetoric and didn’t teach us anything. It was really the biggest stalemate of all the debates. This isn’t too surprising considering Romney got most of his vetting in round 1 and Obama did his in round 2. Round 3 was left for both candidates to tip-toe around foreign policy. Foreign policy still isn’t as big of an issue to voters because of our economy. Romney doesn’t even have any foreign policy experience as I said, to run on. That’s why Obama is still favored so heavily in polls on the foreign policy sector. This whole thing was just very bland. GOP punners will tout Romney did great and that he will win in a landslide…Dem punners will do the same with Obama…and to quote a fantastic movie line…

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