Vince Young: The Case To Why Tim Tebow Is Not Going To Succed In The NFL

One of the saddest stories since Jamarcus Russel

Skip Bayless of ESPN “bitch about things randomly” debate show is a man of many opinions…which I respect, but when he is beyond wrong about something, he refuses to admit it. The reason I point this out is because of Vince Young. When Young, Leinart and Cutler came to the NFL he said that Young would take the Titans to a Superbowl in 3 to 5 years. Well, he said this without reading the damn fine print.

The fine print goes as such:

  • Then Titans head coach didn’t want Vince Young…at all.
  • Bud Adams (Titans owner) drafted Young in spite of the Houston Texans and the city of Houston.
  • Vince Young was not mature mentally…at all.
  • Young never had the full support of his offense. He was viewed as a brat and immature.
  • Bud Adams wanted to coddle Young…Fisher wanted him off his f–king roster.
  • Young had horrid mechanics. He was continuously saved by good handed receivers and a running game. (see: side-arm passing)

These are the important things that Bayless missed on. While Young had all the tools and abilities and even retired (???) with a winning record in the NFL, he was never wanted really anywhere he went. Fisher had no love for him at all, Reid used him as an insert and then he got hurt, the Bills cut him in favor of Tarvaris “Denard 1.5” Jackson. Yes…T-Jack.

To boot, his passing was absolutely terrible. He had a side-arm wannabe gunslinger style that was in no way shape or form accurate. His career stats in 60 games thus far are so:

  • 8,964 career yards passing
  • 149.4 yards passing per game
  • 46 TDs, 51 INTs
  • 74.4 career QB Rating
  • 1,459 career rushing yards
  • 5.2 yards per rush, 12 TDs
  • 40 career fumbles, 12 lost

Very generic stats for a top-5 pick. Nowadays Vince Young is practically begging for work. He seemed to be headed to the UFL, but they just collapsed so the CFL seems to be the only place to go and he is even having issues getting on one of those rosters. It isn’t just his sub-par stats, honestly it has always been his mental makeup. He is soft. He was coddled in Texas and by all accounts, never had to step up much as a leader. He has always been a quiet player for the most part beyond his stupid comment about the Eagles being a, “Dream Team” which we all know was a joke.

Tebow has been doing this all year so far

Where does the almighty Tim Tebow come into this? Tebow and Young are one in the same. The only difference is the religious factor. Tebow is the 2nd coming of Christ to half the damn nation and despite “playing” quarterback terribly, can do no wrong to these people. Tebow has bad mechanics that by most experts, is not fixable or would take 5 years to even fix. He relies on his running ability and elusiveness in spite of his passing, unlike RG3 who uses it to complement his passing game. Tebow lead his Denver Broncos by backing into the playoffs after 3 straight losses thanks to the Oakland Raiders inability to win in week 17. He used his unique offensive abilities to beat the Steelers (who were old, tired and have a DREADFUL secondary) in OT only to get absolute decimated by Tom “Golden Boy” Brady.

The comparisons on the football field match up completely. Young has unwanted because he was too much to handle. Too much work for a team that at the time, was ready for playoff contention. John Fox in Denver, was the same way Fisher was…forced into using his gimmick QB because the owner wanted it so bad. For Fox though, he luckily had John “Seabiscuit” Elway who had no interest in running a new styled offense. While I understand it “worked” with Tebow and the Broncos for a bit, it was due to the offense being new, unique and no defensive coordinator had a scheme to stop it really. New England in the playoffs though, showed how to defeat him easily. Force him to pass, make him beat you in the air, score on offense a lot and go up early, make their running game a liability instead of an asset.

He has become just another running option for a terrible Jets offense

I have never been a fan of Tebow…I do not care for the religious fervor that follows him, I get annoyed by those that think he is a starting QB, I laugh at people who tell me they would rather have him than Peyton Manning… PEYTON MANNING. Beyond that stuff, he is NOT an NFL caliber QB. His offense would have worked maybe into this 2012 season…but by the end of 2012 into 2013 defenses would have figured it out and shut it down. The best thing to happen to him was getting traded so he wouldn’t be exposed. He didn’t want to go to Jacksonville…too much pressure to perform…trust me he would have gotten his chance with Sunshine there. Sanchez is 50x the QB Tebow is and Suckchize is a bottom 15 starting QB.

Both YV and Tebow were knocked out of their starting position by an old man QB

The point here is that while in theory Tebow works, he doesn’t. Just like Vince Young, Tebow will get another chance to try and it won’t work despite everyone saying that it is. Tebow has immense leadership, but the game of football requires you to be able to play your position as well. Tebow will stay in our spotlight well after his NFL career because of his face value. He will get a job with ESPN or someone to comment on games or call games or just sit there and do Tebow stuff. I am all for him using his likeness to make money, I respect his values and his physical abilities…but dammit people he is not a QB. All I ask is that you look at these types of guys and understand that Tebow is the rare one in this…not a druggy, not a dumbass and utilizes his assets. Young on the other hand, is flat broke, was apparently suicidal and is widely viewed as a bad decision maker. Tebow should forgo the millions for commenting on NCAA games and doing the best thing he could do…teach NFL rookies how to avoid the pitfalls of the NFL lifestyle. That would truly be a respectable and commendable thing to do.

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