The New York Yankees Are So So Screwed…

sad facts…

If you watched that enjoyable beat down that the NY Yankees took at the hands of the ALCS champs and ALCS MVP Delmon Young, you noticed a few things outside of the Detroit Tigers dominance. Namely the ineptitude of the Yankees roster. It is the implosion that many of us (including this writer) have been waiting for and sacrificing animals to the baseball gods for. Look, as a Reds fan I hate the Cardinals…I truly do, but I hate the Yankees even more. I cannot explain my hatred for them. It rivals my hatred for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The sad part is, it isn’t even mostly because of the players. It’s the fans…ownership…the absolute “f–k the system” idea that the Yankees have run with for the past 2 decades. It’s like watching an empire fall and enjoying every moment of it.  The best part of it, is that it’s not just 1 player or 1 pitcher…it is the whole damn team. Yes A-Rod was terrible, but so was everyone else. Delmon Young had more RBI’s in the series than the entire Yankees line-up. How screwed are the Yankees? Well, let’s take a look…

Current contracts and ages of certain Yankees:

  • Mariano Rivera CL – $15M, 42 years old
  • Hiroki Kuroda SP – $10M, 37 years old
  • Derek Lowe SP – $15M, 39 years old
  • CC Sabathia SP – $23M (all the Subway he can eat), 32 years old
  • Rafael Soriano CL – $11M, 32 years old
  • Robinson Cano 2B – $14M, 29 years old
  • Derek Jeter SS – $15.7M, 38 years old
  • Alex Rodriguez 3B – $30M, 37 years old
  • Nick Swisher OF/1B – $10.2M. 31 years old
  • Mark Teixeria 1B – $23.1M, 32 years old
  • Curtis Granderson OF – $10M, 31 years old
  • Ichiro Suzuki OF – $18M, 38 years old

The average age of all of these players is 34.8 years old. Between JUST these players it is a cumulative $195M, where Rodriguez is taking up nearly 20% of it alone. If you missed it, good ol’ A-Rod swung for a wonderful 3-23 and was so bad that he got pulled…several times over.

To that point it begs 2 questions:

  1. Will the Yankees trade (includes A-Rod waiving NT clause) Rodriguez and be willing to eat a majority of his contract?
  2. If they are willing to do so, where can he end up?

Get used to this after Baltimore got better

First off, I am unwilling to believe Hank Steinbrunner is willing to eat $100M of A-Rod’s contract just to get him out of town. No team will take anything higher than $7M per year on a trade for Rodriguez. My guess is Steinbrunner will keep him for 3 more years, then trade him and eat a majority of the contract. That way he at least isn’t spending money on nothing. Remember that Hank is much more conservative with his payroll than his father was. Hank wants to lower their payroll and in the next 3 years you will see a much different Yankee team.

Second, what teams would take him? The Reds and Indians have been thrown into the mix by the press already and I understand it for the Reds…but not Cleveland. The White Sox, Rangers, Angels, A’s and Brewers have been thrown out there as well. The issue comes down to money again and who is willing to take the most cap hit to cover the Yanks.

So true

The Reds make sense as a current perennial playoff team whose major hole is the left side of the infield. There would be little pressure on him to perform and he would be protected by Votto, Phillips and Stubbs in the lineup.

The Indians make sense because they are awful and would have no pressure at all…but at the same time that is the same reason why they don’t make sense…either way they are the f–king Indians so they would screw it up somehow.

All the other teams have fair ideas for it, but it comes down to the willingness of Hank and Cashman to basically admit that the contract was a bust. They were backed into this contract in 2007 after Rodriguez opted out of his contract. The Yankees are falling to pieces…and baseball royalty is changing…and damn I love it.

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