The Debate Episode 3: Return of the Black Guy

The 3rd debate of this election (including VP debate) is in the books and wow has a lot changed. It is amazing what environments can do, isn’t it? In round 1 of the debates Romney owned Obama. He took control, shut down the corpse moderating the debate, did not allow Obama to make any points (although that could have been cause Obama did nothing in general) and stuck to his talking points consistently. Romney excelled in the direct questioning with little follow-up or questioning of his answers by Obama and the moderator.

Fast forward to Tuesday the 16th and everything changed. Romney started out relaxed and in control…but then the audience questions because increasingly more difficult. Romney has thus far, attempted to be as basic as possible with his answers. He is like the free version of a website, you get to use it and some of the fun stuff, but you need to pay more (attention) in order to upgrade and get the full version with all the information and extras. Romney in the 2nd half of this debate, began running around the questions, even at one point disrespecting a question from someone so he could go back to the previous question and answer it from someone else.

This debate was a 2 fold viewing system. Can Romney keep the momentum and keep everything rolling for his campaign? Can Obama actually return fire and provide not just answers, but legitimate rebuttles to Romney? Will the moderator be alive? All these questions and more were answered.

Romney continued his footing in the beginning with his answers. He seemed confident and in control of himself. He knew what he was doing and was keeping up with it very well. Then…it started to break down, it finally broke when a question of Libya was asked to the president who said he had called it a terrorist attack immediately. When Romney was given the chance to answer he quickly stated that it took the president several days to refer to it as a terrorist attack…which Obama disputed saying, “check the transcript” and to which Candy Crowley pointed out to Romney to his dismay, Obama did in fact call it a terrorist attack immediately. Very rarely do you get an audience laughing and clapping because a candidate was so wrong that you had to go all Night at the Apollo on him.

Obama was on this time around. He made his points, he used Romney’s statements against him and stayed on topic mostly. You see, the inherent problem Romney has is Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan recently in his debate, stated that he and Romney believe in anti-abortion and limiting women’s rights (NOT his exact statement, but he weaved the same tune). Romney has a history of flip-flopping already and Paul Ryan is not helping. Ryan was called out by Biden and now Romney was backhanded by Obama. It again comes down to facts.

  • $716 Billion was NOT taken from Medicare. It was taken from the increase in costs to insurance companies in order to fund the ACA bill despite the GOP’s continued argument.
  • Obama did in fact, refer to the Libyan incident as a terrorist attack (despite using the video as a ploy).
  • Romney has been for and against a woman’s right to abortion and contraception several times over.
  • Romney did in fact, politicize the Libyan incident.

Those are just a few of the things to point out. The most memorable thing Romney did all night was say “binders of women.” He was referring to his hiring practices when he was Governor of Massachusetts saying that he hired many very qualified and very intelligent women to high places within his administration. Which then again the young woman asked what both candidates PLANNED on doing in the FUTURE for equality for women in the workplace, no which neither candidate really answered. Obama’s answer though had a little more strength behind it, while Romney’s answer (again the magic of Google found this) is a complete sham and lie. First let me state that Romney was against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which is a fairly important piece of legislation for women. Romney stated as I said, that he filled his cabinet with many qualified women…which is true…except he didn’t do any of the filling nor did HE compile these qualified women.

The women that did it are a bipartisan group that compiles groups of qualified women for any cabinet or agency position and regardless of who is elected they share this information. This is nothing that Romney asked for, it is something that the group MassGAP does all on it own. Romney didn’t order s–t to be a bit more simplistic. Romney couldn’t have given 2 f–ks about equality in the workplace…and considering in his long time at his firm Bain Capital he never once hired a woman as a partner (despite many qualified woman allegedly applying) I don’t think he has much to say. The Mormon faith (which is his own) is not very woman friendly either, so to be honest I don’t think he views women equally and that is my personal opinion.

The final thing to point out here is that Mr. Romney again attempted the Rovian ethics of point pushing, interrupting and

“There’s a black guy right behind me isn’t there…”

continuing through each talking session. He was essentially trying to bully his way through the debate. It backfired this time. In the setting of behind a podium, with an absolutely useless corpse of a moderator, he did his thing. Obama also didn’t show up, which helped Romney win decisively. In this debate Obama came off as better equipped, better informed and answered the question a slight bit more directly. Romney not only danced around questions, but also ignored answering some questions entirely. When asked about more regulation (< this word is heresy to the GOP) on automatic weapons (such as AK-47s) Romney somehow…through all of his stumbling and nonsensical talking found a way to equate gun issues to marraige…particular one with a man and a woman. While I understand you are a pander machine…it still disturbs me that you don’t know how to find a medium on gun control…even when called out by Obama for his flip-flop on gun control to pander to the NRA and get their fully automatic support.

“No please I insist…” “No no no you first my good man” – If they we’re both English

In the end of it all Romney came off abrasive (this will get spun as always, as he won via FOX), vague and still again, unwilling to share any part of his “5 point plan” that apparently exists. He offers us his business acumen, despite it being  based around buying companies on the low, firing 50% – 70% of the staff, making it look good and selling it at a profit. Nearly 60% of the time these Bain invested companies would fail. To the better part of it, he wants to decrease taxes across the board 20% (including “small businesses”) all while closing loop holes (none specified) and keeping all of the tax credits families love (college tax credit, mortgage tax credit, child tax credit) AND somehow, lowering the deficit while still keeping us engaged in a war and possibly going into another conflict with Iran.

Obama is not all flowers and happiness either. Lying about the Libya issue and covering it up to a degree is damning. The use of drone strikes and the NDAA are terrifying. Despite the deficit he cannot do much without a congress that is willing to act instead of just saying no, no, no. Obama still needs to give an economic plan and recovery idea that promotes growth. All we hear about is the “job creators” instead of the people who need the jobs. We need full on national reform to keep companies from firing and moving as easily as they can. Reformed loop holes to make it harder and more expensive for a company to move out their manufacturing or business and a bigger tax incentive for having higher waged and more educated workers is beneficial all around. Obama has been very effective on college assistance and has Romney decimated on that front with Romney willing to cut back on grant money.

Both of these candidates are not the best…but when is one ever? Reagan went through one of the worst military coups in history (magically forgotten by the GOP and FOX) with Ollie North (works for FOX now, LOL) taking the fall for Regan. Clinton made a bit of a mess with foreign issues and relations and apparently getting a hummer in the White House is a no no. Bush…well you already now it all…there is a laundry list. The real highlight of the night to me was the question to Romney about how he is not President Bush 2.0 and his answers…well it was funny. It was like watching someone talk about their brother with a bunch of talent, but is a druggy and abusive to his girlfriend…they want to be nice and positive for the rest of the family…but at some point reality comes flowing in. The reality is Bush was a better man and a better President than Romney ever could be and if we are going to set that low of a standard for our President…well then my vote would have to go to Chad Kroger.

I f–king hate Nickelback…

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