Ohio: The Political Battleground of America

Unless you are Amish or avoid all entertainment provisions, you know about the political spectrum in America. Regardless of where you live, you know that the good ol’ USA is ripe with politicians who love to use key words and talking points such as:

  • American People (makes us feel united right?!)
  • Obamacare (Affordable Health Care Act)
  • Death Tax (actually the Estate tax)
  • Job Creators (rich people who pay bare-minimum wage)
  • Taxes (non-inflation based tax increases don’t really exist)
  • Unions (apparently evil despite making minimum wage, overtime, health care, paid holidays and maternity leave for workers mandatory to a degree)
  • God (should never be involved in politics ever, the Lord does not shape policy nor have an economy…unless your the Catholic Church)
  • Obamaphone (a policy actually created by the GOP lord himself Ronald Regan)
  • Elitists (me apparently…rocking my barely livable wage)
  • Liberal (Satan incarnate)
  • Ayn Rand (wrote a fictional novel that became a GOP bible…wtf?)
  • Bailout (saving the super-wealthy all while explaining it was to save jobs, despite most of these companies hiring no one or exporting their labor)
  • Senate Bill 5 (Gov Kasich’s failed anti-union legislation)

Ok so now that we have those talking points up there, let us check on 3 people in general. Secretary of State for Ohio John Hustead, Governor John Kasich, and State Treasurer Josh Mandel. These 3 men are by all accounts, are both very corrupt and very ignorant.

Right after Gov. John Kasich was voted in during a 2010 GOP sweeps affair that was backed by the activist group The Tea Party, Kasich reneged on an agreement with several unions including the fire fighters, police and teachers by pushing Senate Bill 5. SB5 as it has become infamously known, effectively strips unions of their right to collectively bargain for rights with the state. It is something that big business has wanted for a long time. Something that would make it easier for the privatization of our school system, lower the wages of the already broke middle class workers that work for the state and make it possible for companies to continue their hire and fire ways to cut pay. Most people don’t know, but Ohio is a “Hire at Will” state which means a company can in fact, fire you without given legitimate cause.

Astronomical Defeat

After Kasich attempted to sneak SB5 through, the unions…as in all of them organized together, fought it with protests, ads, pickets and demonstrations. The teachers union, who had been guaranteed by Kasich himself, that their benefits and bargaining rights would not be stripped, fought heavily. Teachers again became the demonized evil proprietors of our flawed education system…not that our education system is forced to work within the confines of the text book money system which is run by Taxes due to their purchasing power thus forcing the education that Texas…one of the most ass backwards states in the Union, upon everyone. Teachers are not the ones to blame, but that is not what they will have you believe. You cannot demonize fire fighters and police officers after 9/11 because people have always viewed them in a good light and after 9/11, that light only grew more. Teachers, do not have that luxury.

A somber Kasich after SB5 was decimated

Kasich seemed stunned in 2011 when the repeal vote was not just won, but won convincingly. More people voted for the Senate Bill 5 issue than voted for him in his 2010 election victory. It was crushed. SB5 was repealed by the voters…these are the same voters who elected him and his signature bill he promoted and basically set his career on, was decimated. It would be like Obama’s Affordable Care Act being repealed by voters in 2012. When your signature legislation, that you based your entire 4 year run in office on is repealed by the very same people who voted you in, that is a powerful and harsh thing to have to deal with. Since then Kasich has been seemingly quiet. In his 2 years as Governor he has gone from confident and convincing to somber and lifeless. He was perceived to become arrogant about SB5 staying intact and that was part of his undoing. You cannot steal essentially, from all sections of your employees and expect NO backlash, so why was Kasich surprised?
Again, comes down to perceived arrogance.

Kasich was voted in, more with dissatisfaction in Ted Strickland than in belief in John Kasich. He also pandered to the unions who stupidly, agreed to back him. Now he is a man with nearly no chance of reelection because he alienated the people who truly got him elected and whom he tried to strip of their rights, unions. This again comes back to my point…Kasich was arrogant because of the culture he lives in. The GOP and lobbyist culture perceives the working man as a stupid sheep who will follow no matter what, but what Kasich did not think of was when you piss off several groups of people who collective work together toward a cause, that the sheep will turn on the herder and will not jump off the cliff blindly, instead they will push the herder off for his belief that he was untouchable. Kasich is all but DOA in 2014.

The Ohio Secretary of State John Hustead has had his name in the news a lot lately, which is not good for a very ambitious politician who wants to be governor eventually. With the obsession with stopping “voter fraud” which is way less of a problem than it is made out to be, Hustead and his cronies were caught both saying and doing stupid things. GOP Chairmen Doug Priesse took it so far as to say,

Doug Priesse chairman of the Republican Party in Franklin County

“I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban – read African-American – voter-turnout machine,”

So you get the point here right? My favorite thing I heard  from GOP supporters was, “You don’t have to do that, I don’t see the problem.” Well fine sir, the problem is that nearly 100% of black people are voting pro-Obama and limiting the ability to vote based on these voters not voting on your issues/candidates is against the law in 2 separate ways. Somehow, voting centers in rural counties (generally GOP supporters) had longer voting hours and days, while city and densely populated areas (generally where minorities live) had shortened voting hours and less days. This is called Voter Suppression and it is punishable according to the law.

Hustead was forced to back track after his backers and friends were continuously caught saying and doing stupid things. After trying to fix the voting times (remember we are given the right to vote by the Constitution…not the right to vote until X time) it became a national story because again, Ohio is a battleground state for politics. This hurt Hustead 2 fold, he wants to run for governor…this is a black eye on that running ability and it also forced him to make amends in order to avoid jail time, such as rehiring the democrats he fired for not following his orders and having to answer the the Ohio Supreme Court.

Kasich and Hustead

The funny thing is that while both Kasich and Hustead are essentially the same, they do not like each other. Hustead told his staff that they would keep their rights to their original union rights in spite of Kasich’s order with SB5. This infuriated Kasich because he was being underminded by a guy who basically wanted his job. Think Starscream and Megatron style relationship. Basically that.

“If I put a shrinky dink in the microwave…will I go back in time?” – Josh Mandel thoughts

Finally, the current flavor of the GOP month. Josh Mandel. This guy runs on nothing more than that he was a soldier, which is fine, except the part where he acts one way then claims another. Mandel claims to want to “change Washington” by getting rid of people like Sherrod Brown (who has done more for the working class than many throughout this country). The problem Mandel has (there are many actually) is his cronyism that Mandel has become accustomed too. Mandel has been under investigation for his hiring practices of campaign workers and advisers after his victory for State Treasurer and also gave back large donations after an investigation determined they were illegally given to Mandel. He has been investigated by the FBI alongside several other GOP politicians for campaign donations and practices.

Mandel hired his friends and colleges whether or not they were qualified, yet this guy is going to change the culture of a corrupt system that implores these exact tactics. My problems are very simple with these men…why do you act one way and then do another? You claim one thing to get elected…then show your true colors. So Mr. Kasich, Mr. Hustead and Mr. Mandel…do us all a favor and just stop. Stop acting like the only way to fix anything is by allowing business and the private sector to control everything. Governments role is to protect and serve, you are doing neither. End lobbying, end partisanship and end this charade of giving a damn about me.

One comment on “Ohio: The Political Battleground of America

  1. We also need to take a hard look at the voting machines in Ohio. I’m convinced we will not have fair elections in Ohio, or, indeed, in the USA, until serious changes are made to the certification process of voting machines.

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