Sony…My Tale of the PS3 and My Response to Their Customer Survey they Requested

I recently was having issues with my online via my Sony Playstation 3. It involved my not being able to play games online and my Netflix (I pay $8 a month) unable to work on my TV via the Playstation 3. It had been happening off and on over the past 3 months. At first I wasn’t angry, the interwebs has issues all the time. Then it became regular…it lasted instead of a day or so, days then weeks. It became a point of no return. I couldn’t do anything nor play anything. It would auto sign me out…for literally no reason.

Then after emailing them about this issue (albeit I was angry so it was a very worded message) I get the generic response of, “We’re sorry, we wish we could do more, but we can’t. If you just wait for it to fix itself everything will be ok, we promise…till next time if screws up at least.”

Well unfortunately for them, I don’t feel I should have to wait on a $400 system and $60 games.

Sony has sucked the life out of this generation of gaming. The PSP was a simple, effective piece of machinery that was a legit competitor to Nintendo and their foot hold on handheld systems. The Playstation 3 looked sleek and included Blu-Ray which was pretty awesome, just like when they introduced the DVD player and annihilated Sega and their Dreamcast system despite Dreamcast being a better overall system and mostly better games. OK that was mostly Sega mishandling everything but still…

They started off by pissing off the fan base by getting rid of backwards compatibility save a single system, the 60g. With a 40g, 60g and 80g rolled out they touted how powerful the system was and how their online was free…well little did the consumer know that free online means terrible game play, slow download times, and having your personal info jacked by hackers.

Home sucked

It then continued by rolling out new system that were up to 4 and 6 times bigger in memory than their original systems, and in order to get that upgrade you just had to buy a new system. Again, angry crowd of customers. There was no other upgrade beyond that really. Then the announcement of Playstation Home which seemed pretty cool. You could interact with friends and watch movies and play games together in this world. You could edit your character and your pad. Then it came…and it was a snoozefest. It was laggy, slow, clunky, oh and everything cost money to get! Playstation Home ended up being a disaster that Sony claims is used all the time when it is used rarely by few users. In other words, swing and a miss Sony.

Then their attempt at making it up to their customers after hackers jacked a ton of info, was to offer a free month of Playstation Plus, 2 free games (which most people ALREADY owned) and a BP like “we’re sorry” to boot. Again, good try but not enough.

After my system continued this work then don’t work, then work again I got to the point of wondering what was the point of this system? It couldn’t play Netflix or games, so it was useless basically.

I indeed tweeted this pic @playstation of me trading my Playstation 3 into my local Gamestop and getting a Microsoft Xbox 360 in exchange. I did it because I wanted to show the same respect that Sony showed me. Instead of trying to keep my services and trying to keep me from viewing their competators, Nintendo and Microsoft as a better options, they said, “We’re sorry.”

So I said, “I’m sorry” and ditched their system in favor of X360 and Halo 4. It doesn’t matter how powerful your system is when you have poor customer service and could care less when you don’t keep your end of the bargain. I pay $64.04 with tax for your brand new games, I should be treated as an asset, not a liability. I would have even accepted a simple $10 for their online store. It is all about showing the customer that they care.

When I received an email asking me to give them a customer survey, I laughed…were they serious? They were. So I replied…with this little gem, enjoy:

“Never, have I had to deal with such a roundabout useless company of what I assume are stoned individuals. It may seem screwed up or over the top for me to tell you I deserve a new system or something along those lines, I understand, youre a company…but when someone states, “Your internet connection sucks so much, I would rather pay Microsoft money to do what you allow me to do for free.” you have a massive problem…I have switched to X360 and honestly Halo 4…here I come. Wakka Wakka bitches”

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