My Take on this Amanda Todd Story…You Probably Won’t Like It

First of all this post will not have pictures…I do not want to promote this crap anymore than this post has too. Amanda Todd’s suicide blew up and with her Youtube video garnering millions of views it has become something for which stupid people have jumped forth with open arms declaring her damn near a Saint. This has disgusted me and it should you as well. With that stated let me begin with the whole story of what really happened before her suicide…

  • She exposed her breasts, genitals and body in general to men online on a chat room willingly several times over. She frequently masturbated at their request and then was blackmailed by several (not 1 as reported) men.
  • She was harassed at school for her pictures/videos being leaked by these boys and was called a “slut” and “whore” for doing what she did.
  • She was in fact “bullied” which was more of being hazed essentially by other girls for what she did.
  • She switched schools to get away from it.
  • A boy she went to her original school with used her insecurities to get her to sleep with him. Despite what was reported, she knew he was with someone but did it anyway.
  • The girl whose boyfriend she slept with proceeded to beat her up in front of her new school for sleeping with her boyfriend.
  • She attempted suicide and survived. On Facebook the same girls who didn’t like her commented saying they wish she was dead among other things.
  • She committed suicide by hanging (apparently). [UPDATE]

This is roughly what happened. Now here is my point to all this. How the hell is this girl an idol? My views on suicide are if you do it I don’t respect that. There is accidental suicide (Heath Ledger for example) which is different, but this girl drinking bleach is a solid decision she made. So here is my issue, why do we care about this girl? Cause she made a Youtube video about her “struggle?”
Cause she is a cute little 15 year old white girl? Pretty much, yeah.

The real truth of it is this girl was unwilling to deal with the consequences of her actions. Instead of realizing and learning from the things she did, she went with door number 2 which was suicide. This girl killed herself over something that people go through in middle and high school. You are suppose to make mistakes, do stupid things and learn, not commit suicide. What about those other girls and boys who have gone through social hell? Hmm? What about them?

What about the girls who are considered ugly? Different? Where is the sympathy for them and what they go through? They live everyday going through hell and dealing with it. No, we are suppose to care about this little pre-teen who couldn’t handle the bed she made for herself. She brought this upon herself and I feel for her family for their loss…but this girl deserves no sympathy whatsoever. Life gets harder and you need to find your inner strength. Instead of applying herself to something (art, music, studies, sports, video games, hell even weed) she took the suicidal way out. She needed help I do agree, but she decided to do what she did.

You can think I am a heartless bastard for this and that’s ok, that is in fact, your opinion. I just am tired of the “RIP Amanda Todd! You’re my Hero!” bulls–t. She is no hero, she did not stand-up for herself and her rights. She did not show other women how to handle a bad situation, she was not beaten to death, she did not set an example for anyone or anything. She committed suicide. Suicide is the most selfish form of giving up. I don’t respect those who choose suicide willingly, because it is giving up. Everyone can tolerate a certain amount, I understand that, but to take your own life…because you don’t want to face the music is not a cry for help…it is a cheap and sad way to end a human life. The gift of human life is precious no matter what religion or belief system you abide to, and to give it up because you don’t want to deal with the consequences of your own actions? It’s sad…sad and a waste.

[UPDATE] – She allegedly ended her life via hanging herself. Still doesn’t change anything in my book.

4 comments on “My Take on this Amanda Todd Story…You Probably Won’t Like It

  1. I agree with this blog 126%
    Its refreshing to see that there are infact people out there with balls big enough to speak the truth. This girl did take the easy way out. growing up, i was called everything but alittle white girl. Im still taking in nutrients and air. I survived it. Bullying is wrong on any level. But how is this bullying when they speak the truth of this saddle tramp?


    Just kidding LOL

  3. I agree.

    My mom was a prostitute, both my parents did drugs, I was molested, abused, and poisoned by my foster parents. I was 7-8 and suicidal. While i can’t blame someone in that position for killing themselves, I am happy to say that, obviously, I didn’t.

    Unlike Amanda, I had NO control over what was going on. my parents never told me molestation was bad, let alone what it was, and kids PARENTS told them to bully me for being a foster kid.

    Hell, I’m more of a saint then this girl.

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