Kansas City Doesn't Deserve an NFL Team After Sunday

If you watched the Chiefs game this Sunday you saw Matt Cassel get obliterated off a blitz and the Kansas City crowd erupted…with cheers. The question is what the serious f–k is this fan bases problem? Cheering a player from another team get destroyed? Meh, I don’t like it, but at least it is the OTHER TEAM. When Michael Irvin was carted off during a game where the Cowboys were visiting the Eagles I understood why the crowd cheered…they hate the Cowboys. It was still wrong, but I understand it. This however, was taken to an all new level of dismay and disgust.

Here is the play where Cassel was knocked out:

The fans didn’t even go silent! Usually the crowd will give a giant, “OHHHHHH!!!” for the huge hit or something, but no nothing. Instead they decide to cheer while he lays barely couscous until the training crew comes to help him sit his body up. He was concussed and pretty badly apparently.

Look Matt Cassel has been a bust for the Chiefs and it has been obvious since 8 games into year 1 of his starting for KC, but that does not excuse the cheering of ANY player, let alone your f–king quarterback getting injured. It is beyond classless. It is simply put, inhumane. I would be embarrassed to be a player, coach or stadium employee of the Kansas City Chiefs. The people of Kansas City should not even be ashamed…that is too nice of a way, these ignorant pieces of trailer trash deserve to lose any right to claim a team that has the word “professional” within it at all. There was nothing professional about the way that these “fans” acted.

I have been a Bengals fan for 20 years and I have gone through terrible quarterbacks, terrible teams, terrible ownership (still ongoing) and abysmal season after abysmal season and I have NEVER booed a single player that has been injured, not even my arch enemy the Steelers. The lack of class and humanity is beyond comprehension. How a fan base, HIS OWN FAN BASE, could do that is intolerable. So I say this, you don’t deserve a good football team. You deserve football purgatory and I hope you are stuck there for eternity, you selfish ignorant morons. Eric Winston is a true man and you should be thankful to have a legit player and man, who stands up for his quarterback against a foul breed of asshole.

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