NFL Football Week of Oct 7th 2012 Letters in Review

Evan Moorer a good friend of mine sounds off via my Facebook wall about NCAA and NFL football each week. Because they are hilarous I feel I must post them to the general public for your viewing pleasure as well. Well, let us get into this week’s letters  in review!

This week in letters to football teams:
NFL edition

Dear Cleveland Clowns, are you face-palming yourself saying dammit repeatedly? You should be, I know I am.

“What’s a Skrine?! IMMA JUMP IT BWAH BWAH BWAH!!!” – Reuben Randle

Dear Saints, remember the phrase “everybody’s a winner?” that doesn’t apply in the NFL.

Despite winning…still 1-4

Dear Arizona, hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha!!!!!!

“SON OF A BITCH KEVIN!” – Wisenhunt on every 3rd down this year

Dear San Francisco, Stop the fight.

San Fran consistently doesn’t give a f–k

Dear Jaguars, there is a football game in the fourth quarter with 3mins left at your own stadium. you should get there, you obviously forgot you had a game today.

Gabbert’s entire career summed up here

Dear New England, BRADY SMASH!


Dear Green Bay, how dare you! Aaron Rodgers get beat by rookie Andrew Luck?

This shit happened Green Bay…

Dear Pittsburgh cheaters, nobody still likes you.

Here is starting quarterback Nicholas Cage

Dear Cincinnati, tried to win with Mike Nugent eh? Yeah that only works for the Buckeyes.

If only Nuge had gone to prison once…maybe he woulda made that…

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