Cleveland Browns Futility Has Become Epic: Pat Shurmur Sucks Edition

First off feel free to photoshop the hell out of this. I will post any that are funny. Post in comments or email then to me. You will get credit!
The Browns…UGHHHHHH…how much can a single team suck? It has been so long…sooooooo long…it has become a black hole of depressed anxiety and bad decisions making, otherwise known to Rihanna as a normal Thursday (she’s back with Chris Brown and his weird neck tat of her beaten face). Pat Shurmur seems to be more indecisive than Obama in a debate. With so many questionable calls (seriously too many to recite) it is truly sad that this roster has such actual good talent that you forget about. Brandon Weeden played terrifically yesterday (remember rookie with barely any WR help) and Richardson looks solid when the Browns aren’t down by 20. Let’s look at the game yesterday for example…

On a 3rd-1 Shurmur elected to pull Trent Richardson and instead of running for the first or using Richardson as a distraction with a play-action-pass (which would make sense) he elects to literally just throw and low and behold with the luck of the Cleveland it gets intercepted.

Weeden was 22-35, 291 yds, 2TDs and 2 INTs.

Eli Manning was 25-37, 259 yds, 3 TDs, 1 INT.

Statistically speaking both QBs we’re pretty damn close. Again, Weeden played exceptional. The problem you have is terrible play-calling…isn’t Shurmur an offensive mind? I mean seriously his playcalling is worse than gameflow on Madden 13. Weeden and Richardson are actually doing pretty well considering their situation (the Browns) and even with probably the second worse receiving core in the game (the Jags OWN this category) they still find ways to nearly beat very good teams (see last week against Baltimore).  Weeden didn’t get sacked at all and was relatively comfortable in the pocket. Again, Shurmur goes AWAY from the running game in favor of passing the ball early…I don’t get it? You have 1 wide receiver who is a speedster (Josh Gordon) and 1 slightly effective possession receiver (Jordan Norwood).

And don’t even get me started on the worst 2nd round pick in years in Greg Little. He is absolutely garbage on a football field. How this guy was suppose to be good…is beyond me. The Browns should just look at who they have on their board in the 2nd round and then effective do NOT draft them out of reality and history.

Furthermore, Shurmur has no balls when it comes to playcalling and his personal demeanor. Look at the 49ers, Ravens, and Patriots, they have coaches with strong personalities and attitudes and it shows with the team. The offense while even working, seems lethargic…like the whole team is going “meh” throughout every play. The defense is fiery in the beginning, but after the offense (and its awful playcalling) craptastically run itself into multiple 3-and-outs you get tired and say pretty much, “f–kin hell guys!!! Can’t we at least get some water?!”

The sad thing is that this team could actually go 0-16 and join the Detroit Lions as a team perfect in futility. Their only shot seems to be against the Raiders or Chiefs. Beyond those teams I don’t see them having a shot. The problem is that the fans and ESPN “analysts” (use THAT term roughly) will burn Weeden and other players at the stake for this when it is really the fault of the front office and coaching, but mostly the front office. It seems like all Cleveland sports franchises are immune to understanding when a GM cannot run a team and maybe, just maybe, the Browns new owner will undo all the lazy destruction that Randy “I don’t give a f–k” Lerner and Mike Holmgren did.

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