Quick Hits: Madden 13 Rolls Out Patch That Should Have Been There Anyway

Madden 13 has issued yet ANOTHER patch to ANOTHER Madden game. Before we talk about the patch itself let me just say that I played this Madden 13 and I hated it. It is regressed. Madden 12 ran circles around it. The players feel fake, they still want to act like “Gameflow” was a great idea which it wasn’t, because if it was they wouldn’t have made a patch TO RESTORE MY ABILITY TO CHOOSE MY OWN DAMN PLAY. I mean really what is the point of calling a play where you don’t even know what routes are being run or where your running back is running the ball? I mean yeah online you can check it, but why show your routes to your friend sitting next to you? They know how you play and will probably try to jump one of them or stuff the area your RB is about to run forth.

So anyway here are the patch updates, fixes and add ons that SHOULD have been in the original $59.99 game.

Custom Rosters Offline: Adds the ability to start your offline career with a custom roster. (-__- < Thats all I got…)

Connected Careers Edit Player: Allows you to edit gear for players throughout the career. (They SERIOUSLY didn’t have this. You wonder why 2K Sports blows EA out of the water? This alone here. Obvious things.)

Coach Mode in Connected Careers: Adds the ability to use coach mode into Connected Careers. (I mean it seems like something you would hope that would have been offered originally anyway…)

Changing Schemes in Connected Careers: Allows changing offensive/defensive schemes as a coach (For the love of…ok this seems obvious right? If you have several good LBs and a ok d-line time to go 3-4! Well now you finally can!)
Offline Play Along in Connected Careers: Added the ability of several people to join a CCM game. This applies for coaches only. (No one cares…)
Draft Clock: Adds the draft clock to view while you’re looking at players, rosters, drafted players, etc. (No way! People want to SEE how much time there is between each pick? Whodathunk?)
Draft Filter: Adds a filter to see who has been drafted (This seems obvious…next)
Connected Careers Practice XP: Adds the ability to gain XP from pactice for user controlled players (Well that makes sense, why the hell would I play practice mode without this?!)
All of these seem like things that SHOULD be in a Madden game even though they completely bumble-f–ked their way throughout this one. Madden 13 has the worst franchise mode in the history of sports games…yes even dating back to Quarterback Club! It is a jumbled mess and is both clunky and hard to understand. Not allowing players to change their scheme systems? That makes no sense in a video game based off a sport where strategy is key 90% of the time. Something as simple as a draft clock for players to view? Hell the actually NFL Draft has a ticker at the bottom PERMANENTLY for 3 whole days on ESPN!
Look with no competition EA can do whatever it wants with it’s Madden franchise. IGN sucks on them like a baby to a nipple despite how laggy and terrible the game really is. IGN gave it a 9/10…a 9 out of bloody 10! A game that is 9/10 doesn’t need their entire system revamped less than 2 months after it’s release date. It doesn’t need such negative out pour that they are forced (for the 3rd time in 3 years no less) to release a patch with the parts of the game that SHOULD BE THERE ANYWAY.
My issue is between both EA and IGN. EA knowingly made a lackluster product that was unfinished and then after the complaints were made, finally set out with the patch to fix said errors they already knew about. Instead of pointing out this game for what it was (a 6/10 or 7/10 at best) IGN instead does the bidding of big brother EA and says it is a fantastic game with great depth and wow look how awesome those jerseys are! ERRMEHGERD! IGN has sucked for years. They are the Gamestop of the internet. Whores to whoever gives them the most exposure and free shit.
It comes to honesty. All games have issues. Hell, my Skyrim play through currently doesn’t let me touch water without have to turn off my PS3, but it took over 100 hours of gameplay for that glitch to even affect me. That is a worthwhile expenditure of $60 compared to the online fueled testosterone ranging gameplay of Madden. I play games online, but it isn’t what I ONLY buy games for. When I buy NBA 2K13 it is because it is a quality game that has proven to make sure that it is a quality game. They don’t mess with it, they don’t try to add too much, they read the opinions of their customers. So I will stick with 2K Sports and continue to because they value my dollar and they need me to give a good recommendation of their game to fellow friends and gamers because without it they fall. Electronic Arts couldn’t care less. They are the Wal-Mart of gaming, throwing as much shit at the walls as possible to see what sticks. The only reason you won’t be seeing NBA Live 13 is because it is so terribly bad in comparison to NBA 2K13 that not even IGN could spin that pile of dung. Take something from 2K for me Electronic Arts…stop trying to do something more and something new and innovative…just give us a damn football game that is simple and effective.

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