Major League Baseball Wins Big Despite Worst In-Field Call Ever

You’ve no doubt seen this picture at least once already. The now infamous call that destroyed the chances of the Atlanta Braves to move on from the 1-and-done Wild Card game has been trolled, ridiculed and decimated by pundents and press alike. If you haven’t seen the terrible play, then check it out right here.

It’s not an anger that the Cardinals won (it is for me cause I am a Reds fan…and F–K the Cardinals) it is yet again HOW they won. I tweeted during the game, that apparently “Cardinals” translates roughly to “Seahawks” in reference to the blown call that cost the Green Bay Packers. It is a terrible time to be a referee right now, worse than it had been before…which by all accounts sucked to high heaven anyway. Between the NFL having to cave and bring back what we consider the “real” referees, the NBA dealing with referees betting on games they were calling, the MLB allowing the umpire union to do anything and everything it wants with no repercussions and the NHL in general, reffing is a terrible job to have, but a solid one as well.

The problem last night is that instead of allowing one umpire to overrule another or question his call, you just are told by “deal with it” by Selig. Fans are not big on dealing with anything. We watch your damn games to escape our hell hole of a life already! ENTERTAIN ME DAMMIT! Just make sure you do it correctly. Now we have dealt with and lived with a bad call. A pass interference call that was shady or a holding call that was just bad, those a terrible, but again its part of the game and a referee is suppose to determine with his two eyes whats a foul and what isn’t. With baseball there could be a bad strike/ball call and everyone may go, “WOW thhhhhat was turrrrrible” but we won’t sit there and say that one pitch cost the entire game (unless of coarse it is bottom of the 9th basses loaded).

What is forgotten in all this mess? The ratings we’re solid and next year, will probably be even better. The Cardinals drop the Braves in a big time game that is going to be talked about on ESPN next year come this time, the Rangers had an EPIC collapse to the Orioles and Josh Hamilton may be leaving. I loved it. It adds more drama and more teams to the mix which the MLB has needed desperately. You want the Orioles, Athletics and other small market teams to get in every once in awhile. It keeps the game honest and shows yet again, a BILLION dollar payroll wins you not a title.

The point is with refs and umps is that we do not expect perfection. We expect 80% of the calls to be right (even when the crowd boo’s at a home game…they are out of spite only) and about 15% of them to be questionable to just stupidity or blindness. That 5% though is where this joke of a play call comes. Talking to a British friend of mine last night about it and explaining it to her in full detail, she determined it by saying this (say in English accent for full effect), “What the hell? How can it be a f–kin out if no one caught it?”

How is it that someone from overseas gets it better than the establishment running this damn game? Before this play-call happened this is what MLB’s twitter account said, which at the time was kinda funny.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here it is after:

See what’s missing? Yeah…that and Chipper Jones and the Braves possibly in the playoff hunt still too. Go Reds, f–k the Cardinals.

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