The Debate Episode 1: A Douchey Puppet vs a Lethargic President

Well the debate ended but a few nights ago and the bullshit is resonating still. Between Romney’s incessant lying, Obama’s inability to do anything, and a corpse with a name moderating it this was one of the funniest debates Ive ever watched. The only thing missing was the Mystery Science Theater 3K squad ripping this.

Look, like it or not Romney won the debate. He looked like when playing NBA Jam and get on fire. Romney couldn’t miss with his on par statements and non-stuttering. THROW IT DOWN BIG MAN! was what I kept saying throughout this debate based ass-whoopin Romney laid out (despite his false statements and bullshit). I half expected and prayed that Bill Walton would come out and keep saying, “Yes!” for every zinger and then give a resounding “BOOM Shakalaka!” for good measure. Romney owned the night even though he bullshitted his way to victory.

Flip side Obama was just…dreadful…like Maggie Gyllenhaal in every movie she has even been in bad. Did someone give Obama a 5th of vodka and some Ambien? He was about as effective as Michael J. Fox in a stand still contest. I was actually disgusted at the non-combative, personality-less Barack Obama. It was depressing watching 1 guy just own the night with literally no retort to be found thus destroying the point of a debate. To be blunt he got Rock Bottomed and People’s Elbow’d back to back.

I have no problem saying I voted for Obama in ’08 (mostly due to being anti-Palin and pro-Clinton) and no problem saying I liked Romney more in ’08 than I do now. He is still a MittBot and made the crucial mistake to my vote (and a lot of dissatisfied middle road voters) by pandering to the Religious Right and the Tea Party. I don’t get it? Who the hell will they vote for? Gary Johnson? HELLLLLL NO. You’re guaranteed their vote because they are obsessed with free enterprise (even if it effects the populace negatively) and devalue anyone who doesn’t make money cause they are bottom-feeders. Funny cause they seem to misunderstand that the 47% that Romney talked about in that video actually has the following states in its 47% ranks:

Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Idaho, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Wyoming.

What do these states have in common? They are all in Romney’s electorate and party base. These states all take in the most money from the Federal Gov’t (I give a small pass to Louisiana due to Katrina and the help from FEMA) and all are dominated and owned by the GOP election in and out. That’s beyond the point though as I am not someone who really cares about the “47% video” because he is doing what any politician does, pandering to the crowd. Romney’s father said not to be a politician if it was the basis of your income (I don’t remember the exact quote off-hand so I paraphrased myself) and he was dead on. The problem is that it isn’t politicians making their living off of politics, but being career politicians.

But alas to the debate, Romney took advantage of the corpse moderator by interrupting, continuously talking over said corpse and just throwing a verbal barrage of statements that had little to no defense to have to work its way through. Romney was basically able to say ANYTHING he wanted and he could get away with it be it right or wrong. He could have literally said that Rita Repulsa was going to invade and he was the reincarnation of Lord Zordon and if he won he would allow the Mormon Power Rangers (probably his gaggle of sons) to save us from eternal servitude. Obama’s response?

“ah….well…um…well…you see…it is…ridiculous…to assume that uh…Rita would even…uh…consider *extreme pause* invading earth…uh…at this time”

You get my point here…

The worst part is that Romney lied consistently. Less than an hour into the debate he used that $716 Billion dollars from Medicare talking point (which was disproved months ago),

“Under the president’s plan, he cuts Medicare by $716 billion, takes that money out of the Medicare trust fund and uses it to pay for Obamacare”

This is an outright disingenuous lie. It’s not even hard to find out it is a lie. You can literally google it

When he said that “we have guaranteed healthcare, go to a hospital” that statement is so ignorant it is difficult to even explain why, cause it should be obvious. If you have a rash, cold, flu or something else that is a simple fix these days you can save a lot of hospital money and time by going to your local family doctor who needs the business anyway. If you want to fix the health care system without keeping the Affordable Card Act then you need to fix malpractice laws and suits and protect doctors more. Also cap out insurance premiums based on income and family size. Make sure to keep that an insurer cannot use the pre-existing condition excuse for anything, ever and that an insurer must be willing to negotiate prices in order to allow customers to retain their standard of living.

That is a simple, effective fix that (with more and stronger legal language) could help fix everything medically speaking. Just because I enjoy the rights that the ACA offers does NOT mean that I agree with all of it. I disagree with about 80%-90% of whats in it, but its a system that needs fixed and fixed quickly.

Romney commanded the room. He did everything he wanted. He bullshitted and stretched the truth using the same rhetoric over and over again. Like I said in ’08 I liked Romney, and in today’s America the President isn’t a politician, he is a business man, a CEO if you will. All of our politicians are in the pockets of whoever feels like lobbying and buying their vote and their favor. We didn’t even get to hear what we NEED to hear about, such as:

Campaign finance reform

Citizens United

Term limits

Tax reform





Voter ID Laws

Or just be smart and follow Chris Kluwe’s Twitter Account

To really understand how lethargic Obama was and how inept and stupid Romney is, here is a tweet that explains everything from one of the most brilliant men in the world in Neil Degrasse Tyson in response to the nixing Bird Bird and PBS to save Federal money statement by Romney:

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