Tis the Season…

Don’t you enjoy waking up, turning on your favorite show to sulk through while you pour coffee and all-bran muffins into your gas tank to try to get going and what is the first thing you see? Political ads. Now, I live in Ohio which has been a battleground for seemingly ever and I have literally seen 6 political ads run in a raw. IN A ROW! Now granted, most voters don’t do their homework on their own representatives and generally vote based on blue or red (here is our underlying problem) so the ads (if factually done) are good to get you interested.

Josh Mandel for example, has ads that run in favor of him (but he doesn’t give the I support this crap) that are made out to be like a Dos Equis commercial. Smart. They don’t use much in the way of facts or explaining why Mandel is a good candidate beyond he was a marine which honestly leaves very little qualification to be had right there. So I really view his ads as more shock value than presentable fact. Sherrod Brown, his opponent for Senate, runs ads that point out that he hired his “closest bros” to help run everything including a financially “expert” who had to take classes in finance reform…ouch that stings.

Now do either of these men get a leg up on the other? Probably very little and honestly Brown as the incumbent will probably win because that’s how the Senate and House are run…moronically. Mandel isn’t Todd Akin who thinks rape has the word “legit” somewhere in it or that evil doctors and their voodoo medicines give women who aren’t pregnant abortions (seriously…this dumbass said this). Mandel though is a rookie among veterans in the political spectrum. The weakness we have as a nation is a career politician. Look at our politicians for a moment…what are their degrees and areas of expertise?

Law, law, law, law, law, law, business, law, law, law, law, law business.

Where the hell is the scientist? The engineer? The career laborer or came from nothing to become something? The artist? Where are the people who run this country yet have NO voice to put forth their needs and the needs of the millions? We allow those with degrees in law and those who run business to regulate everything. The two most corrupt practices in America…run America. Then to cap it all off we allow them to take donations without a cap! Oh joy more stupid excessive ads!

The whole point here is having a voice for the voice-less. Whether you are religious or not you cannot deny science and you cannot deny medicine. If you do then please allow God and Jesus to cure your cancer, lymphoma, STD’s and earned smoker’s cough. I’ll sit right here with amoxicillian and ibuprofen whenever your ready to accept that science isn’t the boogeyman. Finally our Constitution offers us two of the most important things that go overlooked.

1.) The right to protest and topple our government if deemed too corrupt. Yes…this is a right.

2.) Freedom OF religion and Freedom FROM religion.

Emphasis on that FROM part from me personally.

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